We are now offering a self-guided campus tour for you and two guests! You will be able to explore our beautiful campus at your own pace. You will receive a packet of information and a detailed campus map for your self-guided tour.

Please note: Pre-registration is required for the self-guided campus tours. 

*This visit does not include a meeting with an admissions counselor.


Due to COVID-19, you will not be allowed inside of any buildings on campus, except to check in and receive your packet of information and map. Please sign up for a private, guided tour to be able to see the interior of some buildings. 

Additional required safety measures:

  • Every person on campus is required to wear a face covering at all times covering both the mouth and nose. All visitors are expected to bring their own face covering.
  • All visitors will have their temperature checked upon arrival to ensure their temperature is below 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit, as recommended by the CDC guidelines.
    • If a visitor registers above 100.3 degrees, they are permitted to wait outside of the building for 10 minutes and try again. If they are still above 100.3 degrees, they will not be permitted on campus.
  • All visitors will be required to fill out a self-screening survey, which will be emailed to the registered student one day prior to the scheduled visit.

Please Note: Prospective students traveling from out-of-state (except DE, VA, PA, WV, or DC) should be aware that the State of Maryland requires travelers to immediately get a COVID-19 test upon arrival in MD (and quarantine until negative results received) or within 72 hours before travel to Maryland. 

Other visit opportunities!
We are also offering other types of visits to choose from. We wanted to offer several options to be flexible to your needs and comfort during this time. See below for those visit options and click on the names to be redirected to that signup form.

Virtual Option:
Personal Admissions Call
Virtual Info Session

On-Campus Option:
Private, Guided Campus Tour

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We are only able to allow the prospective student to bring a maximum of 3 guests (1 student + 3 guests) on campus, due to COVID distancing requirements.

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